No Card : 42 - Archer
Cube Level 1
Woody -Archer-

Woody [Archer]

A wooden warrior who longs to be a true archer.
He has wings on his head in imitation of the forest folk.
He is extremely inflexible, and this makes it very easy for enemies to hit him.
Bronze Basic Stats
HP: 80 SP: 65
Attack Range: 3 Movement: 4
Attack: 10 Magic Attack: 10
Defense: 10 Magic Defense: 10
Accuracy: 20 Speed: 20
Luck: 25
Fire: 0 Ice: 10
Lightning: 0
Heatstroke: 0 Frostbite: 15
Electrification: 0 Petrification: 0
Silver (10)
Gold (100)
Platinum (400)

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